Living Independently – Resources for People with Disabilities.
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AAPD – American Association of People with Disabilities 

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act 

ADAPT – Americans with Disabilities for Attendant Programs Today 

APRIL – Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living 

ARC – The ARC of South Carolina
Advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities. 

ATBCB – Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board aka The Access Board 

DOE – Department of Education 

DOJ – Department of Justice 

DREDF – Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund 

EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


HUD – Dept of Housing and Urban Development


IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 

ILRU – Independent Living Research Utilization
“National center for information, training, research, and technical assistance in independent living” 

NCD – National Council on Disability 

NCIL – National Council on Independent Living
Keeps all CIL’s and SILC’s informed of national issues (conference in Washington each year). 

OCR – Office for Civil Rights 

ODEP – Office of Disability Employment Policy 

OSERS – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services 

RSA – Rehabilitation Services Administration 

RTCIL – Research and Training Center on Independent Living 

Rehab Act – Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Most comprehensive Act governing programs for people with disabilities containing 11 different titles, and sections including section 504 preventing discrimination and Title VII which governs SILC’s and CIL’s. 

South Carolina Access
Formerly SCSIS
An online information and referral source. 

SCAD – South Carolina Association of the Deaf 

SCCB aka SCCOB – South Carolina Commission of the Blind 

SCDDC – South Carolina Developmental Disability Council 

SCDDSN – South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs 

SCDHEC – South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control 

SCDHHS – South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services 

SCDMH – South Carolina Department of Mental Health 

SCESC – South Carolina Departent of Employment Workforce 

SCVRD – South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department 

TLG – Through the Looking Glass
Child, Parent, or Grandparent with disability or medical issue. 

TTW – Ticket To Work 

508 Guide for Students

WIIA – Work Incentives Improvement Act